Development Awards

The next Development Award round for 2018 has yet to be confirmed. If you would like to sign up for research award updates, email to be added to the mailing list.

Core Development grants are awarded for translational or proof of concept research in any area of gastroenterology. Applications are particularly encouraged in the following areas pancreatitis, nutrition, upper GI diseases, functional bowel disorders, IBD, GI infections/microbiome but all applications will be considered.

These awards are only open to UK applicants. Core will fund only the direct costs associated with the project and will not fund overhead allocation or other indirect costs, including senior or supervisory posts which are already covered by HEFCE, or other funding. We will not fund equipment or capital costs. These awards are not for fellowships. All applicants must have established academic positions. Academic Clinical Lecturers may apply if they have completed a MD or PhD.

Projects should be for 12-18 months duration and ethical approval must have been sought before the application is submitted.

For further information please contact Alice Kington on 020 7563 9994 or at