Trainee Research Awards

The next Trainee Research Award round will be in summer 2017. If you would like to sign up for research award updates, email and specify your subject as 'Research' to be added to the mailing list.

These awards are open to UK-based trainees.

The research project must address an area of clinical need within gastroenterology and have clear patient benefit.  The project must be entirely based within the UK.

It is possible to apply as an individual or as a group (for example as collaborators within a Trainee Research Network) but you must have the agreement of a supervisor who must sign your application. Applications by networks are encouraged.

All relevant non-capital project costs can be funded under this award.  This can include, for example, project-related travel or volunteers expenses but excludes conference attendance. Core supported projects are eligible for CRN support.

The successful project should be able to start promptly (within three months of the date of the award) and should last no longer than 12 months. A final report should be available to Core within three months of completion.  In order to assist with project start-up up to 20% of the grant award can be made in advance. The final 20% of the award will be paid upon receipt of a satisfactory final report and invoice detailing expenditure.

For further information please contact Alice Kington on 020 7563 9994 or at