Research awards information

Please find Core's current, and upcoming, funding opportunities listed below and on the sidebar. If you would like to sign up for research award updates, email

Core-Dr Falk Awards    [Currently open]

The Core-Dr Falk awards recognise the achievements of those who bring new knowledge and insight to the field of gastroenterology and hepatology.

forCrohns-Core Research Grant

The forCrohns/Core grant for research on a prioritised area of Crohn’s Disease.

BSG-Core Trainee Research Awards

These awards are open to UK-based gastroenterology Specialty Trainees who would like to conduct research in any area of gastroenterology, pancreatology, liver disease or nutrition. Applications are accepted for individual and for network projects (find out about setting up a successful trainee network).

Core-Derek Butler Fellowship

The Core – Derek Butler 3-year fellowship for research in the sphere of upper gastrointestinal tract diseases and conditions.

Core-Amelie Waring Fellowship

The Core – Amelie Waring 3-year fellowship for research into any aspect of pancreatic inflammation or injury.

Core Development Awards

Core Development grants are awarded for translational or proof of concept research in any area of gastroenterology.

Core Research Collaborations

Core collaborates with a few institutions to provide research grants, including the British Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition (BSPGHAN), the Coeliac Society, the Nutritional Research Foundation and Olympus.


If you have any questions about funding opportunities, please contact Alice Kington on 020 7563 9994 or at