Current active research

There are currently 18 active Core research projects totalling £1,265,119. The details of these projects can be found below.

Dr Paolo Biancheri
University of East Anglia
Proteolytic degradation of anti-tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-α agents and other biologic agents: correlation with response to treatment in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).£5,000 Core/BSG Trainee Research Award
Dr Ashwin Dhanda
Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry
Can assessment of global immune function predict outcome and response to corticosteroid treatment in patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis?£4,715 Core/BSG Trainee Research Award
Professor Sarah Ennis
University Hospital Southampton
Metabolo-genomic interactions in paediatric Crohn’s Disease (CD)£33,400 Collaboration with BSGPHAN
Dr James Evans
Queen Mary University of London
Investigating the clonal origins and dysplasia risk in Barrett’s oesophagus£210,000 Derek Butler Fellowship
Dr Emer Fitzpatrick
King’s College London
LiverMultiScanTM for the assessment of graft fibrosis in children post-liver transplant£39,736 Collaboration with BSGPHAN
Mr Alastair Hayes
University of Edinburgh
Defining the mechanistic role of kynurenine 3-monoxygenase (KMO) inhibition in the resolution of organ dysfunction in severe acute pancreatitis£180,000 Amelie Waring Award
Dr Neil Henderson
University of Edinburgh
Investigation of myofibroblast αv integrins as an anti-fibrotic target in biliary atresia and fibrosis£191,324 Collaboration with Children's Liver Disease Foundation
Dr David Humes
University of Nottingham
What are the short and long term outcomes of minimally invasive approaches (e.g. percutaneous radiological drainage, laparoscopic washout and drainage) to managing complicated diverticulitis?£39,985 Collaboration with Bowel & Cancer Research
Dr Richard Ingram
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
About bleeding time: driving improvements in the quality of care received by patients with acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding using the GIBsix care bundle. £4,800 Core/BSG Trainee Research Network Award
Dr Reenam Khan University of BirminghamCharacterising a Novel Murine Model of Alcoholic Hepatitis£5,000 Core/BSG Trainee Research Award
Dr Lennard Lee
University of Oxford
Colon Cancer Metastasis – identifying patients at risk to developed personalised therapies£5,000
Core/BSG Trainee Research Award
Professor Laurence Lovat
University College London
Salivary EpigeNetics to Stratify Oesophageal Cancer Risk (SENSOR)£49,908 Core Development Grant
Dr Conor McCann
University College London
Enteric neural stem cell therapy for Oesophageal Achalasia and Diabetic Gastroparesis£210,000 Core – Derek Butler Fellowship
Dr Michael McFarlane University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire The use of electronic noses in assessing volatile organic substances in the urine and stools of colorectal cancer patients, their blood relatives and individuals with whom they share dwellings.£5,000 Core/BSG Trainee Research Award
Dr Gordon Moran
University of Nottingham
Anabolic resistance and abnormal muscle function across the nutritional spectrum: a pilot study in Crohn’s disease£39,393 Collaboration with BSPGHAN
Mr Kristof Nemeth
University of Liverpool
Drug-induced Pancreatitis: new approaches to the underlying mechanisms of the disease£180,000 Core – Amelie Waring Fellowship
Professor Chris Probert
University of Liverpool
Characterization of the gut mycobiome in an inception cohort of paediatric inflammatory bowel disease patients£35,000 Collaboration with BSGPHAN
Professor David Wilson University of EdinburghHealth informatics research in paediatric gastroenterology: nationwide data-linkage exploration of perinatal risk factors for and consequences of paediatric-onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease£26,858 Collaboration with BSPGHAN