Patient Information Leaflets

Core produces patient information leaflets on a wide range of conditions affecting the gut, liver and pancreas. Please find the full list below.


To download Core’s patient information leaflets please click on theAdobe logo icon.  If you have any problems please contact us to receive a hard copy in the post.

If you work for a hospital or a clinic and would like to order in bulk please download this form and send your order to us at

Note: These leaflets were reviewed in 2014 and printed in 2015. They will be reviewed again in 2016/17.

Acute DiarrhoeaAdobe logo
Acute PancreatitisAdobe logo
Bloating and WindAdobe logo
Bowel CancerAdobe logo
Chronic PancreatitisAdobe logo
Coeliac DiseaseAdobe logo
ConstipationAdobe logo
Crohn’s DiseaseAdobe logo
Diverticular DiseaseAdobe logo
Faecal IncontinenceAdobe logo
GallstonesAdobe logo
Heartburn and RefluxAdobe logo
Helicobacter PyloriAdobe logo
IndigestionAdobe logo
Irritable Bowel SyndromeAdobe logo
Liver CancerAdobe logo
Looking After Your InsidesAdobe logo
Perianal DiseaseAdobe logo
Polyps in the BowelAdobe logo
Ulcerative ColitisAdobe logo