Patient Information Factsheets

In addition to our patient information leaflets, Core also produces a range of information factsheets. Please find the full list below.

To download Core’s patient information factsheets please click on theAdobe logo icon.  If you have any problems please contact us to receive a hard copy in the post.

Note: These leaflets were published in 2016. They will be reviewed again in 2018.

Achalasia Adobe logo

Adhesions Adobe logo

Ascites Adobe logo

Barrett’s Oesophagus Adobe logo

Bile acid malabsorption Adobe logo

Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-obstruction Adobe logo

Diet Adobe logo

Digestive system and function Adobe logo

Diverticular disease Adobe logo

Dumping syndrome Adobe logo

Non-ulcer dyspepsia Adobe logo

PEG feeding Adobe logo

Pelvic radiation disease Adobe logo

Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction Adobe logo


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The ecologist will see you now Adobe logo

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