Most people have had an attack of gastroenteritis. Imagine you or your child being like that every day of your life. That’s what Crohn’s disease is like.

Imagine the pain of pancreatic cancer eating away inside you. Some people are lucky and can control it. For many it’s a deadly disease.

Pancreatitis is painful too, and dangerous: we urgently need to know how better to manage this problem. See what Core has done in this area by clicking on this link.

But imagine too having something like irritable bowel syndrome. Many reading this do. IBS won’t kill you but it can give excruciating pain making life a misery every day.

And IBS can lead on to diverticular disease: We urgently need to understand this “Cinderella” condition better.

What would you think if your child had an incurable genetic liver disease from birth? And don’t forget the millions of children who die of diarrhoeal diseases each year around the world.

Genesis Sollano

All these are people that Core helps by funding research and knowledge. That’s important because gut and liver disorders are the commonest reason people see a doctor.

If you have suffered from a digestive condition…
If you know someone who has…
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