What We’re Reading This Week

Core is reading Gut by Guilia Enders
Kelle is reading: Follow Your Gut by Rob Knight
Nicki is reading: Lulu Meet the King of Poo by Janice Condon
Katie reading the Clever Guts Diet
Katie is reading the Clever Guts Diet by Michael Mosley.


Dining with Dysphagia: A Cookbook

NYU Steinhardt

Each year, the simple act of eating becomes a serious challenge for millions. According to ASHA, dysphagia can become a challenge to just about anyone, including those with diseases including Parkinson’s, head and neck cancers, and AIDS. Caregivers, hospitals, and families caring for those with dysphagia prepare pureed foods to meet nutritional and medical needs. Unfortunately, they all too often find that the food is unappetizing and doesn’t take into account cultural food preferences.

NYU Steinhardt’s annual Dysphagia Iron Chef competition challenges that narrative. This year they went one step further and created Dining with Dysphagia: A Cookbook. The cookbook, created by the school’s online master’s in speech-language pathology, is a collection of 8 recipes that are adaptable for patients with all levels of dysphagia.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the cookbook!