About Core

Core is committed to fighting all digestive disorders.

Core is the only charity in the UK committed to fighting all digestive disorders. Digestive disorders are conditions and diseases that affect the gut, liver and pancreas.

Core does this in 3 key ways:

  • Funding vital research that develops new treatments and saves lives
  • Providing expert information for people affected , their families and their carers
  • Promote awareness and discussion about digestive health

Core champions the need for more research to benefit the digestive health of the nation. By increasing our understanding of disease we can enable more timely diagnosis and develop more effective treatments.


Core provides evidence-based information to enable patients to take control of their conditions. And we want to make sure that nobody suffers through ignorance or embarrassment so Core raises public awareness of digestive disorders, their symptoms and impact.

Research into gastroenterology – the gut, liver and pancreas – is historically woefully underfunded. Despite the fact that 12% of GP appointment time is dedicated to digestive disorders with millions of people in the UK affected daily, this important medical specialty underperforms as a research discipline.

There is so much we still need to understand. The range of gastrointestinal conditions is vast; from mildly troubling symptoms that may be a daily irritation to devastating diseases such as pancreatitis and digestive cancers. Cancers of the liver, pancreas, oesophagus and stomach are four cancers that remain in the category of less survivable cancers where they have languished for decades.

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The digestive health of the nation is at stake. The doctors, nurses, scientists and dietitians need more funding to transform the landscape of research into our guts.

We can be inspired by the achievements in the field of breast, bowel, prostate and testicular cancers over the last 30 years. These were issues patients and the public shied away from but profile-raising, awareness campaigns, ubiquitous pink tutus and cheeky humour have saved the day and so many more lives, through a dramatic shift in perception and funding into research.

Core needs you.

We receive no government funding for any of our work. You can donate now by clicking on the PayPal button below, via JustGiving or by calling us on 020 7486 0341.

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