Latest NICE Guidelines on Pancreatic Cancer

Posted on the 19th February 2018

New guidelines on the diagnosis and management of pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is a type of cancer that affects the pancreas, a large gland found behind the stomach in the upper abdomen. It produces digestive juices that flow into the gut and it is also produces hormones such as insulin, which are responsible for regulating the levels of blood sugar.

Pancreatic cancer is the 11th most common cancer type in the UK but it is the 5th most common cause of cancer death. Survival rates are very poor, partly because the cancer is often diagnosed too late. Rates of pancreatic cancer are increasing so it is essential that cases of pancreatic cancer are diagnosed early and those who are more at risk of developing the disease are monitored regularly and appropriately. To ensure this, as well as to ensure that those who develop pancreatic cancer receive the best possible treatment and support, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (a Department of Health agency) has developed guidelines to support health professionals in the diagnosis and management of pancreatic cancer.

As one of the digestive cancers, Core supports research, campaigning and awareness-raising on pancreatic cancer. We have the only Fellowship in the UK that funds research on pancreatitis – one of the risk factors for developing pancreatic cancer, and we support activities that raise awareness of the condition. We are also part of the Less Survivable Cancers Taskforce, a campaign that raises awareness of the poor survivability rate of pancreatic cancer, as well as liver, oesophageal, stomach, lung and brain cancer.

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