A Weekend of Support for Core

Posted on the 9th August 2017

August 5th turned out to be a busy day for fundraising.


Core is proud to to have the support from two amazing people who raised money for Core on August the 5th. Bouncy castles, bake sales, games and raffles all came out at the weekend in support of Core.

Claire Jones, Larissa Warnes and their friends and families have done a brilliant job raising funds in support of Core.

Claire’s Digestive Diseases Awareness Day in Foxton Gardens, Nottingham.

Larissa’s Charity Summer Fair at St Elizabeth’s Church, Norwich.

Claire’s Digestive Diseases Awareness Day

Claire’s troop managed to raise a fabulous £280!

“We had a lovely day at Foxton Gardens today, with a  pretty good turnout, considering a few other events were taking place locally…

I was surprised how many people could relate to the suffering of digestive complaints, and at the satisfaction they took in giving to such a worthy organisation.”

Why did you decide to raise money for Core?

“In December 2016, I had an ileostomy formed, because of digestive problems I had been suffering for quite sometime. I now have my life back, and when I learned that Core are researching and funding these terrible, embarrassing and life stopping conditions, it seemed right to give something back, completing the circle, so that someone else may benefit from the great work they do.

What better way to challenge myself with my new life than spend some time with family and friends, helping to raise money for Core, and making great new friends along the way,

Anyone can hold a charity day, and the staff at Core are so friendly. They sent me a pack of goodies with leaflets and jokes that got people talking and laughing, and they supported my efforts every step of the way… Thank you Core, your work is amazing.”

Claire Jones.

Larissa’s Charity Summer Fair

Larissa says the event went really well.




They both say the events were very successful and we are incredibly proud of their support!

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